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"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"
                                                  -Benjamin Franklin

Mmmmm beer

Brew your own fresh tasting beer! - We carry everything you need.

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Home Brewing Supplies

Real beer is made from malted barley, hops, yeast and water. While a homebrew recipe may occasionally call for a special additional ingredient, and most will use a bit of sugar to produce carbonation after bottling, it's a good idea to stick closely to the basics. All-malt beers have deeper color, better body and richer flavor than those produced with adjuncts such as corn, rice, sugar or unmalted barley.

True Brew Equipment Kit - $60.00 The equipment kit includes all the hardware for brewing and bottling in 5 gallon (2 cases) batches, except for the bottles. Included are:

  • Fermentation Bucket and Lid: A food-grade plastic bucket and special gasketed, air-tight lid.
  • Bottling Bucket: A second vessel and spigot for simplified, gravity-fed bottling.
  • The True Brew Handbook: A thorough, 35-page guidebook with a simple explanation of the brewing process, step-by-step details, and helpful illustrations.
  • Siphon Set-Up: Rigid and flexible tubing plus racking tip for transfer of beer between brewing vessels.
  • Bottle Filler: Spring-valve tubing attachment for dripless, gravity_fed bottling.
  • Bottle Brush: A specially sized and shaped brush for cleaning those bottles with accumulated sediment.
  • Thermometer: An adhesive thermometer which is attached to the fermenter to monitor brewing temperature.
  • Hydrometer: An instrument to measure initial and final specific gravity of a liquid. It permits monitoring of the fermentation process and indicates when fermentation is complete.
  • Bottle Capper: A double_lever hand tool to affix bottle caps.
  • Airlock:Allows the escape of carbon dioxide during fermentation.
  • Sanitizer: A cleaning and sanitizing agent essential to the brewing process.

True Brew Ingredient Kits Each kit contains all the ingredients necessary for a 5-gallon (2 cases) batch, plus instructions. Each is based on time-tested recipes and is true to style.

True Brew Ingredient Kits - $27.00

Ingredient Kit Comparable Beer
Amber: Rich copper in color, well hopped, smooth and full bodied. A fine example of the brewer's craft Sam Adams, Dos Equis
American Wheat: Two full cans of extract combine to create a 45% barley, 55% wheat beer. Pale in color with a thick, creamy head. Pyramid, Widmer
Bock: Full body and deep color, with a trio of grains for a complex, harvest-rich taste. August Schell, Einbecker
Brown Ale: Deep and rich color, mild and sliightly sweet in flavor, with just a hint of hops. Newcastle, Sam Smith
Canadian Ale: Pure bottled sunlight! A golden brew with medium body and a delicate hop aroma. Clean tasting and dry. Molson's, Moosehead
Continental Dark: A dark amber, Bavarian style brew, yet still fairly light in taste and body. Malt taste prevails over hops, with overtones of sweetness. Heineken Dark, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr
Continental Light: Pleasant straw color, with nice body and hop aroma. The classic European brew. Heineken, Beck's
India Pale Ale: The Captain's brew. Rich in body with a deep copper color and well hopped. Includes two cans, plus oak chips for special cask flavoring. Ballantines's
Irish Stout: A rich, traditionally formulated stout, full-bodied, well hopped with a sweet aftertaste. Complex in flavor, with nutty roastetd overtones. Guinness
Pale Ale: Also termed Bitter Ale, this style is exceptionally smooth and balanced. A true Pub Ale, malty with a touch of hops. Bass, Sam Smith
Pilsner: Light in color and body, well hopped. A good match for Central Europe's finest. Pilsner Urquell
Porter: Medium-bodied with a rich, dark color. Hoppy but not bitter. Fully flavored. Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada
Red Ale: Full-bodied, deep and rich in flavor and color with glorious red highlights. No comparisons, nothing's this good.

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